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The 16 Best Basketball Movies To Binge During March Madness

March Madness. It’s a time where champions are made, underdogs overcome giants, and everyone complains about the seeding of teams and how some organizations get an easier route than others. It’s something I found myself griping over during Selection Sunday, which led to self-analysis on how I would seed teams if I had a say. It didn’t take long for ...

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Wonder Woman 1984 Producer Explains The Film’s Delay

It may seem like forever since Wonder Woman graced the screens of cinemas everywhere, but in actuality it’ll only be a little over two years between director Patty Jenkins’ first foray into the DC Comics universe, and her second outing, Wonder Woman 1984. And, as we all know, it would have been a lot sooner if the original 2019 release ...

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Is Rocketman Having Issues With Its Nudity And Gay Content?

As Rocketman, the “musical fantasy” biopic showcasing Elton John’s life and career, has been progressing through production, there have been certain promises made to the audience. Namely, that it will be a fantastical spin that also tells Sir Elton’s personal story, including a no holds barred approach. Well, it looks like that promise is already coming into question, as recent ...

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Toy Story 4’s Poster Has An Up Easter Egg

Pixar is notorious for hiding in easter eggs and references from their other heartwarming family flicks into the fabric of the animation, such as a Pizza Planet truck zooming past Miguel in Coco. There are usually tons more clever tie-ins hidden in plain sight or tucked away in Pixar movies then moviegoers can attempt to spot. In anticipation for Toy ...

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What Happens And What It Means

Warning: Spoilers for Us are in play. If you haven’t seen the film yet, you’re going to want to bookmark this piece and come back after you’ve seen the film. Everyone expected writer/director Jordan Peele’s follow up to Get Out to be just as twisted, and just as deep, as his Academy Award-winning opus. But I don’t think anyone would ...

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