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‘Devastating’ Arctic warming of 9-16°F now ‘locked in,’ UN researchers warn – ThinkProgress

Rapid and “devastating” Arctic warming is now almost unstoppable, United Nations researchers warn in a major new report. Unless humanity makes very rapid and deep pollution cuts, Arctic winter temperatures will rise 5.4 to 9.0°F (3-5°C) by 2050 — and will reach an astounding 9 to 16°F (5-8.8°C) by 2080 — according to a report by the U.N. Environment Program ...

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Arctic Blast Freezes North India America Britain and all the world Jagran Special

Publish Date:Wed, 30 Jan 2019 02:36 PM (IST) नई दिल्ली [जागरण स्पेशल]। उत्तर भारत में इस बार कड़ाके की ठंड ने कई साल के रिकॉर्ड तोड़ दिए हैं। कड़ाके की ये ठंड इस बार न केवल बहुत जल्दी शुरू हुई, बल्कि लंबी चल रही है। अभी इसके और लंबा चलने की उम्मीद जताई जा रही है। आलम ये है कि ...

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Scientists ‘shocked’ that warming has wiped out oldest, thickest Arctic sea ice – ThinkProgress

The annual Arctic Report Card from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is out, but it appears that humanity is flunking science badly. As NOAA reports, “Arctic air temperatures for the past five years (2014-18) have exceeded all previous records since 1900.” And one stunning result of this is that 95 percent of the oldest and thickest Arctic sea ice has disintegrated ...

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